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Asoft & Asme software

Asoft software

ASME Software for American standards

DXT develops and sells ASME software for strength calculation according to ASME BPVC section I – Power Boilers.

The program includes calculations of water tube boilers according to sections PG and PW. Among the calculations are cylindrical shells, dished- and plane ends with nozzles and nozzle combinations. In addition, it is possible to calculate fittings based on ASME B16-9.

The program has a build in material database with strength values and additional material characteristics specified in ASME BPVC Section II as well as tables with standard pipe dimensions and tolerances.

Comparison of different materials can be performed within the software.

The program is built with a graphical user interface, where queries to the steam table are integrated.

Based on the geometrical input data, it is possible to draw length- and width cross-section of the individual components and their reinforcement areas.

Calculation of creep properties for lifetimes exceeding 100.000 hours are supported with Larson-Miller’s method as described in API-530.

The program also allows for calculations based on earlier versions of the ASME code – 2007 and newer.

As attachment to the basis modules, a project module is also offered, which gives the option to make combined prints and storage of data for composite projects. The project module does at the same provide a method to exchange data with part list in common drawing programs.

The program has been developed in cooperation with Danish and Foreign boiler producers through the last 12 years. The software is updated regularly based on new versions of the code – typically every two years.

A demo version of the program can be offered with inquiry to info@dxt-dk.dk.

DXT will gladly participate in a noncommittal demonstration of the program by appointment.

Documentation, support and updates

The software from DXT has references to the specific formal expression in the applicable ASME norms. The software uses the same nomenclature as the norms, which ensures safety.

Despite the norms are not all using the same nomenclature, will data be available for exchange between the different norms without issues. The software will be updated continuously – due to errors in the norms as well as updates.

Customized courses with ASME software

In connection to purchase of software used for strength calculations according to ASME BPVC, DXT also offers training courses. The courses are intended for employees that needs to use the software.

In addition, DXT offer courses in heat transmission, thermodynamics and energy savings among other.

Development plans

DXT continuously works on improving the software regarding EN and ASME standards. As of now there are also new software being developed for calculations of the following standards: ASME Section VIII-1 – Pressure Vessels, ASME B31.1 – Power Piping, ASME B31.3 – Process Piping.

The different standards have many sub-standards, that depending on the demand, will be implemented into the software.

It is always an option to customize the programs to the customer’s wishes.


  • Aalborg Engineering A/S, Denmark
  • Babcock&Wilcox Vølund, Denmark
  • Aalborg CSP, Denmark
  • CNIM, France;
  • Valmet, Sweden, Finland
  • Doosan, South Korea
  • GE-Energy, U.S.A, India